‘Alice in Nightmareland’ hits the stage with local cast and crew

‘Alice in Nightmareland’ hits the stage with local cast and crew

Cedartown, Ga — Sept. 22, 2014: Cedartown residents have the chance next month to be tricked and treated to an original theatrical production written, directed and starring hometown folks.

A cast of more than 60 local actors and actresses will perform “Alice in Nightmareland” on Saturday, Oct. 18. Showtimes are 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 general admission.

Described as an Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Tim-Burton performance, the show director, Roland Chandler, describes it as a family event. “It’s kind of a creepy but fun show with lots of laughter. Definitely a family-friendly show. It’s not like a gory spook house, it’s a great plot with great actors.”

Chandler, along with local residents Branson Lewis, Michael Carter and Kate Saxton, wrote the show’s script. “It’s a trip that Alice takes through being a victim of bullying in her life, and in the end, she triumphs. All of the characters in her “real life” take on distorted characters as she journeys through her nightmare. You’ll recognize Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, but we’ve added on with a new character named Tweedle-Dumber. The Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and the Caterpillar will all make an appearance,” Chandler explained. Audience interaction will be part of the two-hour show as well. Volunteers, making the production a true-community, are designing all costumes and sets.

Cast members include: Alex Orebaugh, Alexis Ayers, Aubrey Brock, Bailey Sanders, Brevin Barnes, Brisa Guzman, Carlie Brock, Catlyn Scott, Chloe Tibbetts, Christian Williams, Colleetoe Sanders, DJ Conner,

Ethan Golover, Ezekiel Smith, Gabbrielle Wood-ard, Gary Smith, Gracee Privett, Graci McElwee, Gracie Chandler, Haley Baker, Haley Forrister, Harley Chandler, Harlie Garner, Harly Witt, Harmony Shaw, Havan Garner, Henslee Forrister, Jackson Pierce, John Govern, Jolie Cole, Jonathon Owens,

Jordan Woods, Julianna Robinson, Julieann Andrews, Kaliegh Gates, Kate Saxton, Kelly Gates, Kennedy Owens, Kensley Williamson, Kylee Puc-kett, Lindsey Gaylor, Maddie Jefferson, Mary Claypool,

Matt Kelly, McCall Pirkle, Michael Carter, Minnes Smith, Miriam Stephens, Monie Witt, Nytie Govern, Oscar Guzman, Sam Pinson, Savannah Shaw, Seth Wright, Shelbie Witt, Shelby Padgett, Stacey Smith, Suzanne Blanchard, Teena Marie Knight, Tim Wyatt, Trish Parish and Walker.

Ticket information can be obtained by calling 770-748-3220.

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